About Me

Designing With Passion While Exploring The World

I remember the joy I felt in 2009 when I could add any two numbers with a few lines of QBASIC code!! That was when my love for software development started. Fast-forward to today, I have worked on various websites and web applications, executing these tasks either independently or with awesome teams in the last 6 years.

Beyond development, I also love to create beautiful graphic designs and write engaging articles.

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I Create Products Not Just Arts

My passion to create digital solutions fuelled my drive to study and gain hands-on Product Management skills.

In order to optimize my development and product management processes, I have also recently adopted the DevOps philosophy to discharge duties where necessary.

Frontend and Backend Developer

Following agile software development best practices, I develop frontend and backend features of applications. The technologies, frameworks, and stacks adopted are based on product requirements.

Over the years, I have worked on include FinTech application, waste management information system, ecommerce application, articles management system, and an e-library system.

I am willing to study and work on existing or legacy applications. I am also willing to recieve trainings where necessary.

MySQL, Firebase
JavaScript, Vue.js
PHP, Laravel
Product Manager

As a product manager, I focus on Product Strategy, Product Design, Product Development, and Product Launch.

Responsiblities include defining problems, creating PRDs, user research, creating and presenting a pitch for a new product. Other duties include cross-team and stakeholder conflict resolutions, and working as a scrum master in agile product development (organizing stand-up meetings, re-organizing sprint backlogs).

Jira, Trello, Microsoft Project
Zoom, Slack, Google Meet
Microsoft PowerPoint, Google Slides
Microsoft Excel, Google Sheets
Figma, Canva, Plot
Microsofy Visio, LucidChart
DevOps Engineer

As a DevOps engineer, I focus on deploying IAC (infrastructure-as-code), building and orchestrating CI/CD pipelines, monitoring, and logging.

Beyond these,my goal as a DevOps engineer is to establish cohesion and buy-in between and among various IT teams, to cut down costs and increase profitability for the company.

CloudFormation, Terraform
Ansible, CircleCI, Github
Docker, Kubernetes
Prometheus, Alert Manager
Linux, Shell Scripting

What My Clients Say

The opinions of some of my clients about me.

It was a great experience working with Goodness. The website building task was very difficult and yet in her usual astute nature, she patiently helped our team to create an impressive 1st website. Her passion for work and her ability to understanding of behaviors and situations at workplace is compelling. I would 100% recommend working with Goodness. Not just for web building and development, but on several fronts needed to nurture a growing business.

Ike Kamalu

Goodness is an extraordinary programmer and developer.

She has displayed exceptional tech skills while we worked on various projects.

Her soft skills are exceptional as well.

Jovworie Tanshi